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At TVC Cleaners our main focus is to ensure that the service we provide meets our clients' high standards and expectations. Our service and end-results are flawless in every aspect. At TVC Cleaners we believe that in this industry there is no room for error and this is why we always strive for perfection. TVC Cleaners offers not only outstanding service but a peace of mind to our clients that no other can match.

Quality and Professionalism
    . Dependable and reliable service
    . Timeliness and punctuality
    . Attention to detail (i.e. no buttons lost or damaged)
    . Extreme garment care and handling
    . Best quality dry-cleaning products that are also 100% biodegradable
    . Special tough-stain removal system (i.e. make up)
    . Press-perfect garment finishing
    . Quality control system in place to ensure proper maintenance and quality of service
    . 24/7 dry-clean and laundry services
    . Pick up and delivery service
After servicing the entertainment and showbiz industries during the past 20 years, we have learned that our clients work under a stressful environment where time is of essence. At TVC Cleaners we have raised the bar implementing a client-care system for added value where no detail is ever left out.

Diligence and Commitment
    . Instructions and special requests are followed carefully and accurately every order
    . "Order reminder" service so our clients never have to worry if they forgot to call for service
    . Close communication and 24/7 access to management staff in case of any changes on orders

TVC Cleaners is proud to offer our clients the absolute best service in the industry. We always welcome your suggestions and we will do the best we can to meet and exceed your expectations. We encourage our clients to contact us for any questions or concerns they may have by calling or emailing us anytime.